Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Music Ladies



Painted 2009

14 x 11

Mixed Media on Canvas

It was so much fun to find this picture of these women on Appalachia and set them in my interpretation of the area in the Fall.

My Lady
Painted 2009
16 x 12
Mixed Media on Canvas Board

Through a whole series of events i Started thinking about the Appalachian Mountains and the women who played music. The background mountains are painted using a gel to give them some substance and then i started thinking about the people i wanted in these paintings and found this wonderful picture who i hope will resemble when the years permit.

If We
Painted 2009
Mixed media
on Canvas board.
Although i have never been to the Appalachian Mountains, my family did live there for generations. I thought it would be fun to add a picture of my ancestors to this cabin and pretend that they created music.

High Home
Painted 2009
24 x 18
Oil and Accrilic on Canvas
There are fewer and fewer of the old rances in Central Oregon. It seems that to preserve them I must put them on canvas so the next generations can enjoy them.

Quiet Morning
Painted 2009
10 x 14
Oil on Canvas
We have so few chances to just be quiet. Sometimes it would be nice to run away to a little cabin and just listen.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009




Painted 2009

11 x 14

Oil on Canvas

This image came to me in a dream. Since i don't do faces i couldn't imagine finishing this, but again my hands had a mind of their own. and so, my tribute to the Possibilities of Hope.